5 business takeaways from ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

YouTube.com via Lee Mendelson Film Productions

YouTube.com via Lee Mendelson Film Productions

No matter what’s on your menu this holiday season, it’s just not a holiday without Peanuts.

If I can’t watch Charlie Brown’s epic football kicking fail or see those super human dance moves during the Christmas play, I might as well not bother with turkey or untangling lights.

I’m serious, that dance party outclasses any performance-related competition show I’ve ever seen.

Everyone has their favorite Charlie Brown TV special. But it seems like the Thanksgiving episode usually falls toward the bottom of the list. Being a journalist, I try to stay as impartial as I can about such matters. I’m professional like that. But you can’t deny there are lessons to be learned from Chuck’s dinner disaster. If you’ve never considered advice from a bald kid who never changes his shirt, you should start now. Here are five business takeaways from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Continue Reading…


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