Activity Monitor in OS X Mavericks brings significant changes


Activity Monitor

One common utility for troubleshooting problems in OS X is Activity Monitor, which will display the system’s running processes and various statistics about them, including the useful percent CPU usage and memory footprint of each. This information allows you to quickly assess whether a program is stable or if it may be experiencing an error that is impacting the system.

In the past few versions of OS X, Apple has not changed Activity Monitor much; however, once you install¬†OS X Mavericks¬†you will see significant changes For one, the program’s tabs are now along the top instead of the bottom, and act as groupings for the process list’s metrics in addition to showing corresponding global information. In prior versions of Activity Monitor, switching tabs would show only a small area of system-wide statistics while the process list remained static, but now the process list shows category-specific metrics for the listed running processes. For instance,…Read More

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