Can we please stop talking about ‘class’ in sports?

012014-NFL-Richard-Sherman-Otto Gruele Jr Getty Images North AmericaSource: Fox Sports

If you ever doubted whether America, regardless of our many backgrounds, is still a British colony — the past is never past, after all — our obsession with sporting decorum erases any confusion.

We’re consumed with sporting class: who has it, who doesn’t have it, the right way to win and the wrong way to win.

The latest “classless” wonder is Richard Sherman, a Stanford-educated cornerback who decided to use his postgame interview on FOX as an audition for the WWE. Sherman was brash, opinionated, angry, spiteful and full of histrionic aggression.

In other words, he was an entertainer.

Also, a human.

Who, mercifully, did not suggest that Jesus was behind his accomplishments — a sentiment that, if shared, would have stamped him as “classy.” In order to be classy, you have to be humble, genuflect at the altar of the meek. Essentially, you have to be the exact opposite of what’s actually required to succeed at your chosen profession.

We want athletes, entertainers and anyone else in the public eye to be “real,” but what we really mean is we want them to all act the exact same.

With fake class.

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