Cobb taxpayer group critical of Braves stadium process

new braves stadium


Cobb Taxpayers Association Chairman Lance Lamberton says he is concerned about how the proposed Atlanta Braves stadium in Cobb County is being paid for, potential traffic congestion and what he says has been a lack of governmental transparency.

Lamberton told WABE the approval process for the project is moving too fast and that there are few opportunities for public input. He said his organization and the Georgia Tea Party will meet Monday to discuss whether to organize a grassroots effort against the project.

“The reason they’re doing it so quickly, in my opinion, is to prevent people like myself, and people who feel like I do, and organizations like mine, to not give us enough time to organize against it and also to not give people enough time to thoroughly scrutinize this proposal,” Lamberton told the WABE.

Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee disagrees.

“It’s not quickly. This is the Cobb Way,” Lee told WABE on Thursday. “We’re very, very interested in making sure we welcome any corporate relocation and do what we can to facilitate positive impact and positive growth. We’re trying our best to facilitate moving this forward, to keep it going.”

Click here to read more from WABE and for a link to hear the station’s broadcast.

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