Court hearing on tax break for $103M project near Braves’ site

credit: Jeff Stanton

Judge Michael Stoddard/Photo credit: Jeff Stanton

Source: Marietta Daily Journal

And the steam rolling continues! I honestly believe there is too much money (at stake), and pride (in the form of ego’s) for the Atlanta Braves relocation to be maligned!

A Monday hearing in Cobb Superior Court didn’t produce any resolutions in the debate between the county’s school district and development authority over proposed tax breaks for an affluent developer.

The 20-minute hearing gave another opportunity for critics to voice opposition to the proposed 10-year tax abatement offered for the $103 million Riverwalk development by the Development Authority of Cobb County.

This time, just one resident came forward to speak against the tax subsidy that critics say takes away needed revenue from Cobb’s schools.

But no arguments were heard from Cobb School District or Development Authority attorneys. The hearing was for the validation of Development Authority bonds, which would allow property tax waivers for the project backed by mega-developer John Williams to move forward.

If no resolution is reached before the next hearing, the court will consider arguments from the school district and the Development Authority, said Cobb Superior Court Senior Judge Michael Stoddard.

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