Health care law’s commercial allies in Texas frustrated by balky rollout

Health care law's commercial allies frustrated...

Bob Ettinger tries to get through to enroll in a health insurance plan at the Community Health Center in New Britain, Conn. A combination of high demand and technical glitches overwhelmed the online registration system


Washington Bureau

Published: 24 October 2013 10:24 PM

Updated: 24 October 2013 11:00 PM

Texas brokers, physicians and health insurers are exasperated with the federal government’s online marketplace, but they say the site must be fixed because the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

Many people shopping for themselves or for small companies have called insurance brokers for help in accessing Brokers were eager to oblige but soon found themselves stymied.

“I’ve seen absolutely no improvement in the weeks that we’ve been trying to work through this,” said Carolyn Goodwin, a broker who heads the Goodwin Benefits Group in Dallas. “But we have it, and we have to live with it. I’m hoping against hope they will find a way to fix this. I’m just not confident that they can.”

Some insurance agents are advising clients to avoid the federal marketplace altogether unless they think they are eligible for a tax subsidy to offset insurance premiums.

“It’s a shame that it wasn’t tested like it should have been before it was rolled out,” said Rockwall broker Don Walker. “It had been…Continue Reading

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