‘Markers’ in blood, tissue might help determine best treatment for each patient, studies suggest

New Hope For Breast/Prostate Cancer Testing

New Hope For Breast/Prostate Cancer Testing

MONDAY, Oct. 28 (HealthDay News) — Doctors believe they have found telltale signs that can indicate whether breast or prostate malignancies will remain dormant or develop into aggressive cancers.

These indicators — called “biomarkers” — are found in the blood or tissues of people with breast or prostate cancer. Researchers hope to one day use them to develop tests that will determine the cancer treatment each patient will need.

“It’s a dream, I would say, at the moment. And it’s a hope,” Dr. Clifford Hudis, president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), said of the potential for using biomarkers to help determine a person’s risk of aggressivecancer. “But it’s not yet clinically validated, and it’s not useful yet for patients.”

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