Precious Eyes

Andrew Sullivan for the New York Times

Andrew Sullivan for the New York Times

This article gives new meaning and brings much needed attention to the world of guide dogs. It also casts a new light on the challenge and struggles that charitable organizations face as they facilitate the raising, training, socialization, and even fund raising for dogs that assist blind people in ways that a cane simply can not.

Guide dog training is a charity with a high cost, but one that has an incalculable payback. JENNIFER MURRAY woke after a night out with friends and thought her husband was playing a trick on her. She could not see anything and did not believe him when he said it was daytime.

β€œIt was like a light switch had been shut off,” she said. β€œI shut my eyes, and I blinked. And I tried it again several times. Then I realized the sun was in my face, and I said, now what?”

Ms. Murray had been battling to keep what little vision she had since her premature birth in 1978. She had a bit of peripheral vision in one eye but nothing else. A few years before the day when she lost her eyesight for good, she had an operation to implant a permanent contact lens in her right eye. It gave her sight such as she had never had before. Continue Reading…

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