Swaddling can cause hip problems, surgeon warns


Swaddling can cause hip problems

29th October 2013 – Mothers who swaddle their babies to soothe them or relieve colic may cause them hip problems, according to a leading orthopaedic surgeon.

Professor Nicholas Clarke warns there is growing evidence that the practice forces the hips to straighten and shift forward with the risk of becoming misaligned – a condition known as developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

Hip dysplasia prevents the hip joint from functioning properly and the joint wears out much faster than normal which increases the risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement in middle age.

Wrapping up tight

Swaddling is when a baby is wrapped tightly in a blanket or cloth. The theory is that being wrapped up snuggly is comforting for the infant as it will remind them of being in the womb. Supporters of swaddling say it can help calm down a crying or distressed baby, even ones suffering from colic…Read More

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