The Secret to Closing More Sales: Talk Less


Talk Less: Close More
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Most salespeople talk way too much. In today’s market, chatty salespeople are champing at the bit to swamp prospects with information. My research shows that the average salesperson talks over 81 percent of the time in a selling situation. Not only is that approach ineffective, it’s losing you sales. You can close more sales, simply by talking less. Here are seven ways to do it:   1. Be distinct from the competition. When prospects perceive you as similar to other salespeople, you are in trouble. As a result, your goal is to be perceived as totally distinct from the competition. The next time a prospect asks you why he should do business with you, you should reply, “I’m not sure that you should. Would it be okay if I asked you a few questions to better understand your situation?” This approach is different, more credible, and immediately separates you from other salespeople. Related: 5 Ways to Close The Sale With Indecisive Customers 2. Understand your prospect’s challenges. Most salespeople spend their time trying to persuade prospects rather than taking the time to understand the problem that the prospect is facing. Remember: Prospects are looking to…More

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