Think Like a Doctor: Gut Feeling Solved!

Think Like a Doctor: Gut Feeling
















I don’t know about you, but there a few things that can make you feel worse than an upset stomach! The cause could be a range of things from bad food, too much acid in your stomach, or even drinking excessively. The subject of this story had a case so bad that it baffled her doctors!

Can you solve the mystery of a 47-year-old woman with repeated bouts of severe nausea and vomiting and abdominal pain,nausea and vomiting so severe she has needed to be hospitalized?

The Patient’s Story

“Do you want me to pull over?” the middle-aged man asked anxiously as he glanced over at his wife. She had placed a plastic bag tightly against her mouth as her shoulders and upper body contracted in silent paroxysms of vomiting.

She shook her head once the spasms subsided, and he returned his full attention to the twilight highway before him. He knew that the most important thing he could do for his wife was to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.

She had been fine that morning, working with their three children, whom she had been home-schooling. Then, late that afternoon, she began vomiting, over and over again, long after she had eliminated everything she had in her system. She and her children had eaten chicken salad for lunch, but everyone else felt fine. Continue Reading…




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