Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to make weekly appearance on WJFK-FM

Credit: "It was 3 a.m."

Credit: “It was 3 a.m.”

CBS Radio D.C. announced Wednesday that embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be making a weekly appearance on WJFK-FM’s “The Sports Junkies.”

Ford jumped into the international spotlight after a video of him smoking crack cocaine was rumored to be floating around the Internet. After months of denying the video even existed, Ford admitted in November to using crack cocaine during a self-described “drunken stupor.”

Ford has since been stripped of much of his power as Toronto mayor.

Ford will make a weekly appearance every Thursday at 8:40 a.m. on 106.7 FM to talk sports and make NFL picks.

The Toronto mayor is known to be an avid football fan. During his press conference to address his drug use, he wore a tie that was covered in NFL team logos.

Ford was also recently spotted at an NFL game played in Toronto, where it was rumored that Ford stole a musician’s seat.

This article orignally appeared on the Washington Business Journal
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