What Designers Can Teach Entrepreneurs

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What Designers Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Designers and entrepreneurs have a lot in common. They’re both trying to create, to make change and to make an impression. In this new book, The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013), writer Sara Bader compiles intriguing lessons from notable designers on everything from innovation to hiring and failure. We’ve pulled out our favorites in this slideshow.

Check out these inspiring quotes from The Designer Says.

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Bruce Mau

Bruce Mau, the Canadian designer and founder of the Institute Without Boundaries, speaks about Innovation. 

Louis Danzinger

Louis Danzinger, who consulted for the 1984 Olympics, on creating a meaningful body of work. 

Ray Eames

Ray Eames, one half of a husband-wife team that developed iconic modern furniture, on versatility. 

Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle, creative director of Doyle Partners, on purpose. 

Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut, a partner at design firm Pentagram, on what really matters.

Seymour Chwast

Seymour Chwast, who designed the first McDonald’s Happy Meal box, on perseverance. 

Ken Garland

Ken Garland, a noted British graphic designer, on the importance of your product.

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